Gavin St Pier

Gavin St Pier

    Gavin St Pier

  2. AGE

    St Sampson

    Chartered Accountant/Barrister



  7. Have you previously been a member of the States and, if so, between which dates?
  8. Have you ever served on any States’ committees and, if so, which ones and when?
    2016-20, President, Policy & Resources Committee 2012-16, Minister, Treasury & Resources Department

  9. Have you ever served as a parish constable, douzenier or procureur of the poor and, if so, between which dates and which parish?

  10. What education, training, qualifications (whether professional or vocational) and experience do you have which would be advantageous in being one of the 38 Deputies representing the people of Guernsey?
    Chartered Accountant Chartered Tax Adviser Barrister Registered Trust & Estate Practitioner

  11. What is your present occupation and what other positions have you held in the past ten years either as employee or employer (in the case of present or former States’ members please include outside work done (if any) whilst serving as a member)?
    Presently, full-time role as President of the Policy & Resources Committee In the last 10 years, before being elected to the States in 2012, I was: a director of Aurigny; Chair of Alderney Electricity; trustee of the UK’s Brain Tumour Trust; and Chair of Mercator Group. 2012-18, consultant with Trust Corporation International

  12. Do you intend to carry on working besides fulfilling your duties as a States’ member if elected?
    No, not if I continue as the President of the Policy & Resources Committee. If I have another role, I might consider some external appointments if I feel that I have the capacity to discharge all my political and professional commitments properly.

  13. Indicate how your qualifications and experience of life generally will bring value to the work of the States in the discharge of all its many functions, governmental, legislative and administrative. Indicate, if you wish, two particular committees where you feel you can make a contribution and which skills and attributes you have which would fit you for such roles.
    If elected to the States, I will seek re-election to the office of President of the Policy & Resources Committee. Four years in the role, including balancing the States’ budgets and handling two unexpected crises (Brexit and the Covid pandemic) have demonstrated my ability to discharge the role. My prior professional and business career have enabled me to discharge leadership roles. My financial and tax experience has helped me understand and manage the States’ budget. My legal qualification has assisted in understanding legislation.

  14. Give details of any team or project activity in which you have engaged within the last five years where you feel you have contributed to benefitting your employment or community: (a) in your work (b) in your voluntary charitable, sporting or social life.
    Chair of the Civil Contingencies Authority, leading the Bailiwick’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The commitment to my political role has not permitted participation in leadership roles outside the States in the last 5 years.

  15. What is the first thing (if any) you would like to change in the present practices or procedures (not the policies) of the States of Deliberation?
    I’d like to see the procedures around capital projects modified to ensure they are scaled for the size of each project

  16. What do you regard as the prime attribute or special skill you have to serve the island as a deputy?
    Calm, professional leadership and experience

  17. Given that matters can rarely be decided unanimously, are you able to respect the majority decision of a team or committee of which you are a member after respectful and informed debate?
    Yes. I have a demonstrable track record of having done so; and I have pledged to do so during the next term of government too, if elected.

  18. Any other comments you wish to add:
    I came into politics to use my prior experience in business to help sort out the States’ recurring deficits – the ‘black hole.’ Eight years of hard work resulted in a surplus of over £100m in 2019. I watched with relief and frustration as the reserve we built was drawn down during the COVID-19 crisis, because we rightly needed to use substantial public funds to support local businesses. With a track record of success, I know we can do it again: rebuild our economy and replenish our financial reserves.

    I believe that Guernsey needs both continuity and experience in its leadership as we face huge challenges, including: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; the enormous post-pandemic recovery programme required for our economy, public finances and community; and the post-Brexit UK-EU relationship and its impact on us. The next 4 years will be challenging; but they will also be a period of tremendous opportunity.