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Steve Falla

    Steve Falla

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  7. Have you previously been a member of the States and, if so, between which dates?

  8. Have you ever served on any States’ committees and, if so, which ones and when?
    I was on the shadow Guernsey Language Commission during the 2012 to 2016 term.

  9. Have you ever served as a parish constable, douzenier or procureur of the poor and, if so, between which dates and which parish?

  10. What education, training, qualifications (whether professional or vocational) and experience do you have which would be advantageous in being one of the 38 Deputies representing the people of Guernsey?
    I have spent the past 30 years working in professional communication and 10 years prior to that as a journalist.

    I am a Fellow, Chartered Practitioner and former national board member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. In 2018, the 70th anniversary of the CIPR, I was named as one of 70 members who had made a significant contribution to the Chartered Institute, of around 10,000 members nationally.

    I founded and ran my own business, Orchard PR, for 21 years. This involved managing a team of 14 employees. I am a Director of Elizabeth College, until the end of 2020, and I have held committee positions on business groups over the last 30 years, including the Institute of Directors, The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce and The Guernsey Young Business Group of which I was president.

    The skills I have developed over my career include: • A strategic approach • Communications expertise • Research • Project management • Team management • Mediation and facilitation • A longstanding awareness and understanding of Guernsey’s business and political landscape

  11. What is your present occupation and what other positions have you held in the past ten years either as employee or employer (in the case of present or former States’ members please include outside work done (if any) whilst serving as a member)?
    I am a part-time freelance writer. This includes being a columnist and obituary writer for the Guernsey Press, for which I am not remunerated, and a business feature writer for Businesslife Magazine.

    I founded a public relations consultancy, Orchard PR, and was Managing Director for 21 years until September 2017 when there was a management buyout. I left the business completely in June 2019. I undertook a part-time, six month communications and engagement project for the Department of Health and Social Care which ended in March 2020 and gave me my first valuable insight into the workings of the Civil Service from an internal perspective.

  12. Do you intend to carry on working besides fulfilling your duties as a States’ member if elected?
    If elected I intend to devote my time to States work. I may continue some non-contentious freelance writing for my enjoyment.

  13. Indicate how your qualifications and experience of life generally will bring value to the work of the States in the discharge of all its many functions, governmental, legislative and administrative. Indicate, if you wish, two particular committees where you feel you can make a contribution and which skills and attributes you have which would fit you for such roles.
    My work as a journalist and in communications has involved research, analysis and the assimilation of information as well as simplifying highly complex subjects. The work of a deputy requires a considerable amount of reading in order to reach a view on the issues of the day and I believe the above experience will be invaluable. I have spent decades advising clients on clear and concise communication; again an attribute much needed in debate and in communicating political matters to Guernsey’s public.

    I am used to having challenging tasks sprung on me with very little notice and working to tight deadlines. In my career I have often mediated between opposing parties to bring about acceptance of the opposite view and I believe there is a need for this in a States Assembly that has unfortunately experienced discord and factions over the last term. I am told that I have common sense. I believe strongly in the benefits of two-way communication. With my involvement advising countless businesses and professional firms over the years and sitting on the committees of many of the prominent representative business groups in the island, I should very much like to work with the Committee for Economic Development.

    My long experience in communication and promotion would also be a good fit with the department’s oversight of Visit Guernsey, Guernsey Finance and Locate Guernsey. I would also be interested in working with the States Assembly and Constitution Committee – I am told that my contribution to boards has been to question, sense-check and challenge. These would be positive qualities to bring to the reviewing of the process of how the States Assembly works.

  14. Give details of any team or project activity in which you have engaged within the last five years where you feel you have contributed to benefitting your employment or community: (a) in your work (b) in your voluntary charitable, sporting or social life.
    My six-month, part time contract at the Committee for Health and Social Care involved communicating with numerous disparate stakeholders, individuals and groups relating to the Partnership of Purpose, the transformation of health and care in Guernsey.

    This involved explaining the ethos of the Partnership of Purpose and sometimes challenging the perceptions of stakeholders as well as working with various sections of the transformation team to ensure that two-way communication was put in place. For the Partnership of Purpose to succeed it requires community ownership and buy-in. It does not belong to HSC but to the whole community. I devised a mid to long-term engagement and communications plan to help ensure that external engagement continues.

  15. What is the first thing (if any) you would like to change in the present practices or procedures (not the policies) of the States of Deliberation?
    I would like to see shorter speeches – perhaps a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes and a shorter lunch break during States meetings. I would also like to see the reintroduction of non-States members on States committees in order to tap into the valuable expertise of willing island residents who are unable to devote the time to being a full-time politician.

  16. What do you regard as the prime attribute or special skill you have to serve the island as a deputy?
    Common sense, the ability to grasp matters quickly and to communicate clearly and effectively.

  17. Given that matters can rarely be decided unanimously, are you able to respect the majority decision of a team or committee of which you are a member after respectful and informed debate?
    I don’t expect that, if elected, I will agree with every vote taken by the Assembly. What is important is to find a way to make States resolutions workable and to move forward; to avoid wasting time and energy by revisiting the same matters time and time again.

  18. Any other comments you wish to add:
    I have taken a keen interest in local politics during a 40-year career in journalism and communications. I am a confident individual with the interest, energy and enthusiasm to serve the island as a deputy and I believe this is the time for boldness in the States.