Susan Aldwell

Susan Aldwell

    Susan Elizabeth Aldwell nee Rabey

  2. AGE


    My working life has been spent in accounts or banking


  7. Have you previously been a member of the States and, if so, between which dates?

  8. Have you ever served on any States’ committees and, if so, which ones and when?

  9. Have you ever served as a parish constable, douzenier or procureur of the poor and, if so, between which dates and which parish?
    I have served as a Constable of Torteval between 1st January 2016 and 31st July 2020

  10. What education, training, qualifications (whether professional or vocational) and experience do you have which would be advantageous in being one of the 38 Deputies representing the people of Guernsey?
    I have prepared and presented monthly Douzaine meetings, also taken Douzaine meeting minutes. I have attended regular Island Constables meetings and hosted meetings, which enabled me to understand the problems across the Island.

    I have been responsible for the administration of the parish and have worked with several States Committees, which has given me an understanding of how they function, which enabled me to put a case forward for Night Buses in 2017, connecting the upper parishes with St Peter Port and 23hr parking at Portelet and Le Lague, alleviating vehicles being abandoned.

    I was responsible for for Portelet Mooring Committee, which involved keeping records of the owners of vessels for each of the 42 moorings and dealing with the problems which occurred at the bay, working with ACLMS. As well as preparing and presenting Mooring meetings.

    I was responsible for the maintenance budgets for the parish, which included land, property and the cemeteries, plus waste. I attended many monthly meetings with States waste and contractors and negotiated our parish waste collection contract.

    I was trained in LAPIS which is the programme which calculates Owners and Waste Rates and produces the parish Rates. I worked on all the budgets and maintenance costs, to get best value for money for parishioners and managed to get the Owners Rates down from .72p in 2017 to .275p in 2020. I attended the Royal Court to present the Parish Remede/Budget and also attend the Chief Pleas to report on the parish quarry.

    I dealt with parishioners concerns on a daily basis, by telephone, email or in person. I dealt with all States requests for preparations at the outset of Covid19

  11. What is your present occupation and what other positions have you held in the past ten years either as employee or employer (in the case of present or former States’ members please include outside work done (if any) whilst serving as a member)?
    I left my volunteer post as Constable at the end of July.

  12. Do you intend to carry on working besides fulfilling your duties as a States’ member if elected?

  13. Indicate how your qualifications and experience of life generally will bring value to the work of the States in the discharge of all its many functions, governmental, legislative and administrative. Indicate, if you wish, two particular committees where you feel you can make a contribution and which skills and attributes you have which would fit you for such roles.
    I have have worked on many charity committees as treasurer and enjoy working as a team, with everyone bringing a strength . we have a wonderful eclectic bunch of people on Torteval Douzaine, which I have a huge respect for, we all had a common aim, which was to do the very best for our parish and parishioners, we were very much a team.

    I would very much like to work as part of a team in the States, I have done my best to read all the States reports produced in the past few months and have been fascinated by many areas, I don’t have a particular area, but I have very much enjoyed reading the Justice review, which opened my eyes to the large remit it covers.

  14. Give details of any team or project activity in which you have engaged within the last five years where you feel you have contributed to benefitting your employment or community: (a) in your work (b) in your voluntary charitable, sporting or social life.
    For the past 5 years I have been involved heavily in the parish and community, which included, parish celebrations, Scarecrow Festival, West Show (where I have been a steward for the past 15 years).

    I have also been heavily involved with the organising of the parish 75th Liberation, for over a year and this will now be the 76th Liberation celebration. Sorting the purchase of a defibrillator which was requested by a parishioner. Arranging a Christmas parish Fayre, which was requested by a parishioner. Planting up and maintaining Cemetery flower beds, which was a request by a parishioner. Previously, I had raised the funds to refurbish The Croft, a respite service for people with a learning disability, which also included a sensory room. I raised the funds to refurbish and equip the Adult Learning disability service at St martins, also covered the repair and maintenance costs for the Hydro pool for 3 years, plus set up Drop Inns across the Island for people with a learning disability, allowing them to socialise out in the community, which I put a case forward for the funding.

  15. What is the first thing (if any) you would like to change in the present practices or procedures (not the policies) of the States of Deliberation?
    I don’t think I would change anything at the moment, I feel everything is done for a reason it seems and I would want to find out the reasons, why things were done in a certain way.

  16. What do you regard as the prime attribute or special skill you have to serve the island as a deputy?
    I think that a Deputy needs to read and understand the reports produced, research and listen to each side of the debate, understand the value of other peoples money and be open, honest and approachable.

  17. Given that matters can rarely be decided unanimously, are you able to respect the majority decision of a team or committee of which you are a member after respectful and informed debate?
    Having served on Torteval Douzaine, the majority always carried the day and we moved on, so yes absolutely.

  18. Any other comments you wish to add:
    Community is very important to me from first taking part in the Viaer Marchi when I was 17, which led me to always be involved in various charity work right up to the present day. I am passionate about this Island and its traditions, its what makes this Island special.

    I have enjoyed every minute of being a Constable and learning procedures, researching problems and dealing with them, working as a team and bringing people together. I have enjoyed walking in every parish of this Island and talking to people, learning about their concerns and taking then taking those concerns on board, during this Election process.

    I would very much like to take the next step and become a Deputy, allowing me to use the skills I have learnt along the way. My pledge to the voters of Guernsey, is that I will give the same dedication to the Island that I have given to my Parish as their Constable and all the Charities I have supported.

    My Proposer Dean Of Torteval Douzaine – Andrew Sauvarin – “I will be voting for Sue as she is the most tenacious person I know, if she did not know something she would research it until she was absolutely sure,”