Victoria Oliver

Victoria Oliver

    Victoria Oliver

  2. AGE

    St Martin

    Chartered Surveyor and Current Deputy



  7. Have you previously been a member of the States and, if so, between which dates?
    I have been a member from May 2016 till October 2020

  8. Have you ever served on any States’ committees and, if so, which ones and when?
    Yes Member of Home Affairs 2016 – 2020
    Vice President of Development and Plan Authority 2016 – 2020
    Seafront Enhancement Area 2018 – 2020
    University working party 2017 – 2020
    Optimising land and Property portfolio – 2016 – 2017

  9. Have you ever served as a parish constable, douzenier or procureur of the poor and, if so, between which dates and which parish?

  10. What education, training, qualifications (whether professional or vocational) and experience do you have which would be advantageous in being one of the 38 Deputies representing the people of Guernsey?
    1. I was home schooled by Denis and Sadie Wilkins, then Blanchelande Girls College at age 11.
    2. Millfield School – A levels in Politics, Geography and Photography (BBC)
    3. Bristol University West of England – 2:1 in Business in property
    4. During my time at Savills I qualified as a chartered surveyor (MRICS) This taught me to work as a team, excellent neogations and communication skills, strong understanding of economics, understanding of contracts and the law, working to targets and building a trust with my clients because of my strong understanding of industry

  11. What is your present occupation and what other positions have you held in the past ten years either as employee or employer (in the case of present or former States’ members please include outside work done (if any) whilst serving as a member)?
    2016 – present – Deputy for States of Guernsey I was a member of Home Affairs where I helped continuously to save money and improve the services. I have been Vice President of Development and Planning Authority which is where I have excelled, due to my experience and qualifications and firmly believe I can develop this committee further should I be elected.

    I have been an integral part of the University Working Party Seafront Enhancement Area I have been there from its inception and its now it own Committee so should see results. Optimising the use of the States Land and Property Portfolio due to my surveying qualifications which result in the policy paper being pasted.

    2008 to 2016 – GVA, Bristol I joined the Lease Consultancy Department in August 2008 and specialised in rent reviews, lease renewals for commercial retail and office premises across the South West, South Wales and the Channel Islands. I undertook third party work on behalf of both landlords and tenants. My key clients include Natwest, Bank of Ireland, Boots, TUI, Superdrug, M&G and Vitalise where I am responsible for negotiating on their behalf; rent reviews, lease renewals, re-gears, surrenders, deeds of variation or rectification while securing the best settlement for each client.

    2005 to 2008 – Savills Commercial, Bristol I joined Savills Commercial in September 2005 as a Graduate Surveyor working within the Agency Department. I assisted with marketing, disposals, acquisitions and the sale of commercial retail bacially, asset management on the Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon. I rotated as part of the graduate scheme into the Lease Consultancy Department where I acted for both landlords and tenants although my main client was Land Securities. Rotating finally to the Property Management Consultancy Department I assisted in the asset management co-ordination of South West and South Wales properties on behalf of CIT, Lone Eagle and Land Securities. Even a small stint in planning.

    2004 to 2005 – Hootons & Partners, Bristol I joined Hootons to part fund my way through university

  12. Do you intend to carry on working besides fulfilling your duties as a States’ member if elected?
    NO, although I should mention I am a director of a property portfolio and work a few hours every year

  13. Indicate how your qualifications and experience of life generally will bring value to the work of the States in the discharge of all its many functions, governmental, legislative and administrative. Indicate, if you wish, two particular committees where you feel you can make a contribution and which skills and attributes you have which would fit you for such roles.
    P&R would interest me as they have the property portfolio now and I have a good understanding of economics along with making sure the books balance. If not P&R I would like to be to be President of Development and Planning Authority.

    With my qualifications I have proved numerous times I understand the process and the policy, while still using my common sense. I will be able to handle the technical review of the IDP and this job will include being on the seafront enhancement area.

  14. Give details of any team or project activity in which you have engaged within the last five years where you feel you have contributed to benefitting your employment or community: (a) in your work (b) in your voluntary charitable, sporting or social life.
    A) At GVA successfully negotiated all Boots’ lease renewals that future rent reviews were to be upwards and downwards, protecting my client in the future downward markets, I was the first on in the market to do this. I also designed and liaised with the IT developers to implement a lease consultancy database of comparables to increase the efficiency of the team in tracking historical data and projecting future jobs. This is something the States seriously lacks, is data. As a deputy I fought for digitally recording our meeting saving officers 3 days every meeting. All deputies now need to visit the planning site for an open planning meeting because of my qualifications.

    b) I was the Chair of GVA Corporate Social Responsibility raised 25,000 in 5 years helping the homeless in Bristol.

  15. What is the first thing (if any) you would like to change in the present practices or procedures (not the policies) of the States of Deliberation?
    1. I would like see our lunch breaks shortened. We do not need 2 1/2 hours
    2. I think speeches should be time limited
    3. All deputies should have a DBS check
    4. Stamp out jobs for the “boys”
    5. All committees need to work much more closely together.

  16. What do you regard as the prime attribute or special skill you have to serve the island as a deputy?
    I spent 14 years in a specialised male dominated industry who don’t take fools gladly. I can stand my ground and put my point of view across succinctly.

  17. Given that matters can rarely be decided unanimously, are you able to respect the majority decision of a team or committee of which you are a member after respectful and informed debate?
    Yes I have had to with both clients and the States, after all its called democracy

  18. Any other comments you wish to add:
    Just to let people know I have my yacht masters, British Sub Aqua Diving, Level 1 Asbestos Training, Certificate for Dementia Awareness. Since becoming a mother I am now an expert prioritising and negotiating while remaining calm under pressure.