Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?


You will have time to finalise your views on a host of important issues and to scrutinise all the Candidates’ manifestos but these will all be in different formats and it may be difficult to find the information you would like to know.

As there will be no hustings this year, we are aiming to provide answers in a standard format to the questions you might have liked to ask candidates.  These answers are now available on our Candidates page.

You may find it easier to keep track of your selection by using the downloadable checklist.

Our hints:

  • Try to elect the best, most able decision-makers of tomorrow
  • Understand where candidates stand on all issues which are important to you
  • Don’t vote for someone just because you know them – unless this person is an ideal candidate, of course.

All 38 deputies will be representing each and every one of us so vote for as many Candidates as you feel able.  Remember, from October, they will be governing us.

Just a reminder – HOW TO VOTE

You may find it helpful to use a voting checklist to note on it the Candidates you favour and to have the completed list beside you when you vote, whether that is in a Polling Station or at home.

Try to make each of your votes meaningful and try not to make an emotional decision at the last moment before you vote.

You can vote in person at one of the polling stations. Full details of polling stations and opening times will be published in the Press and are online at www.2020election.gg

If you chose postal voting, you can complete your form at home and post it to arrive no later than 7th October, 2020.  Alternatively,you can hand it to an official at a Polling Station where there will be special arrangements for handing it over so that you do not have to queue with those casting their votes.

Please note: You cannot hand a postal vote in at Frossard House and you cannot leave it at a polling station outside of the specified opening hours.

A Postal Vote can only be accepted at a Polling Station if you hand it in complete with the ID verification in the envelope provided, exactly as if you were putting it in the post